Can THC Help Relieve Nerve Pain?

Researchers suggest that cannabis or cannabinoids may be effective in treating some types of chronic pain, including neuropathy (nerve pain). Studies have shown that people with neuropathic pain experience a reduction in pain during THC therapy. These cannabinoids can regulate the transmission of pain in the body's nerve pathways, helping to reduce excess pain if possible. Another follow-up study showed that patients suffering from HIV-associated nerve pain found a reduction in pain of at least 30 percent compared to those who took a placebo.

Other benefits that people with neuropathy may experience with THC therapy include improved sleep, positive changes in mood and a better quality of life. So what makes cannabis so effective as an option for treating neuropathy? To put it as simply as possible, it's about how the cannabis you consume interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and the impact it can have on damaged nerves and pain in general. After nerve injury, neurons along the nociceptive pathway may become more reactive and sensitive in a process known as sensitization. The endogenous cannabinoid system of mammals plays a regulatory role in the development, homeostasis and neuroplasticity of the central nervous system.

THC has been shown to have an effect similar to that of antidepressants because of the changes it creates in parts of the brain associated with mood and pain memory. When bringing together the four trials on smoked cannabis, the provisional conclusions are that the analgesic effect is evident, that this effect, although not very large, may be useful for some patients and that it often entails some adverse effects on the central nervous system (although not evident in this trial). This strain has high levels of THC that may be perfect for helping you combat long-lasting discomfort and feelings of numbness and stinging. Participants inhaled 4 different cannabis formulations (containing 0%, 2.5%, 6.0% and 9.4% THC) for 4 periods of 14 days.

Tonia Kilcullen
Tonia Kilcullen

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