When is the Best Time to Take CBD?

Just as there's no perfect time of day to take CBD, there's no perfect schedule that works for everyone. Some people prefer to take it daily to maintain regular levels of CBD in their bodies, while others take it as needed to treat certain conditions. It all depends on your body and what you take it for. Some people get great results from taking CBD once a day, while others take it all day long.

However, taking CBD on an empty stomach is not recommended as it can degrade the oil's potency and cause users to have to use more CBD to get the same effect. Knowing when to take CBD can optimize its effect for maximum potency. Each of these methods has a different impact on the amount and speed with which CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream. Given the role of the endocannabinoid system in mediating physiological functions related to sleep, energy, coordination, metabolism and much more, it is worth exploring whether exogenous cannabinoids such as CBD can influence this system to benefit athletes.

Some people prefer to take CBD at night with dinner or just before bed, while others take it in the morning or in the afternoons when they need a boost. The method of consuming CBD is the main determining factor in how long it takes for CBD oil to work. Eating healthy fats before taking your portion of CBD oil can help optimize its effect. The potential therapeutic benefits offered by CBD oils and tinctures are increasingly recognized, making people more interested in getting started.

People who find that CBD oil energizes them may prefer to take it in the morning or afternoon, while those who find that it helps them relax may prefer to take it at night. We've heard reports that in San Diego you can order The Mr Nice Guy, which is a drink mixed with vodka and mezcal that includes CBD.

Tonia Kilcullen
Tonia Kilcullen

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