Can You Smoke CBD Every Day? The Pros and Cons of Daily CBD Use

Research has yet to determine if daily use of CBD has any negative effects. However, the majority of studies suggest that CBD is remarkably safe when used both acutely and chronically. In most cases, taking CBD on a daily basis is recommended for the best results. But, it's important to remember that “less is more” since CBD is metabolized through the same pathway in the liver as many common medications.

To ensure you're buying a legitimate product, research the brand before you purchase it and find out where it gets its CBD from. In some cases, CBD can cause mild allergic reactions or exacerbate heartburn. If you're already taking medications to treat chronic pain, talk to your doctor about combining those medications with CBD. There is scientific evidence that CBD can be effective in treating epilepsy by reducing seizures.

The reason why this happens has to do with how THC and CBD interact with the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS). When smoking CBD, it's best to start with a small dose and increase it gradually to ensure you have a pleasant experience. There are now many stores that offer marijuana with CBD, so it's important to research the brand before you buy it. Everyone's experience with smoking CBD will be different depending on their tolerance, lifestyle factors, and genetics.

Dr. Margaret Rajnic, an expert in medical cannabis and CBD, recommends using therapy alongside any type of cannabis or CBD for PTSD. Combining the same dose of THC and CBD together can reduce the THC “high”, while a little THC combined with more CBD can potentiate the effects of CBD.Inhalation is considered to be an effective way of administering CBD because it is quickly absorbed by the body. Unlike THC, consuming CBD won't affect your motor skills or cognition, so you can take it without worrying about how it will affect your daily activities.

When buying CBD for smoking, look for wax-like concentrates that contain nothing more than CBD or a vapor mix made of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Keep in mind that smoking CBD can cause respiratory problems and interact with some prescription medications, so check with your doctor before using it.

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