Understanding Total THC and CBD Levels in Cannabis Products

THC and CBD are the active compounds found in cannabis products without heating them. Total THC or total CBD is the amount of THC and CBD that will be present after heating. Labels on cannabis products usually indicate cannabinoid levels (expressed as a percentage of the dry weight of the product) in small print on the back of the packages. The total levels of THC and CBD are indicated as a percentage of the dry weight of the flower and are a mandatory part of the labeling of cannabis products.

Total THC (or maximum THC) represents the total amount of THC available for use. This is the number most viewed by people looking to buy. The new regulation on CO MED requires that the maximum amount of active THC be indicated, which provides a more accurate medicinal dosage value.In the example above, you can see a variety of values, including the numbers for “THC”, “THCA” and “total THC”. Although cannabis containers contain labels that indicate the amount of THC and CBD the products contain, these numbers can be difficult to read and interpret, especially for people starting to use cannabis.

As you can see in the graphic above, strains naturally fall into one of the three main categories (chemotypes) based on their THC and CBD levels. We have used thousands of laboratory tests to measure THC and CBD in cannabis products to chart their full range.With this data, we've established some common-sense limits for THC and CBD levels, so that products on Leafly dispensary menus can be represented with up to five filled circles that indicate a scale of the amount of THC and CBD they contain. The change is to give customers a more accurate picture of the possible total psychoactive amount of THC in a product. As a result, in addition to reporting the THCA values, laboratories must now calculate the amount of boggling-9-THC that can be formed from THCA, as described below.

The “total cannabinoid content” figures are very useful in identifying the potential potency that the product may have when consumed.The total percentage of THC up to the second decimal point is only calculated according to OAR 333-064-0100 (; ¶ (GF) The laboratory uncertainty measurement for THC testing of industrial hemp. On cannabis labels, total THCA tells you how much psychoactive THC there will be once the herb is heated.Brands like Cornbread Hemp have made a name for themselves by manufacturing USDA organic CBD products with the highest amount of THC allowed by federal law. Analyzing strains in this way allows us to start thinking about specific strains in a broader context, in relation to the full spectrum of THC and CBD levels that the strains cover.Understanding total THC and CBD levels in cannabis products is essential for consumers looking to buy cannabis products with accurate potency information. With this knowledge, customers can make informed decisions about which products are right for them.

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