Why is CBD So Expensive? An Expert's Perspective

CBD has become a popular wellness product with a global hype, and high demand has driven up prices. But without regulation, medical research and clear consumer knowledge, the human value of CBD oil remains a matter of opinion. One of the main reasons why CBD is so expensive is its limited supply compared to many CBD manufacturers who charge more than they should. Some CBD products cost more because more love and attention was devoted to their design and production, while others cost more simply because their manufacturers know they can get away with it.CBD products are relatively new, especially in the United States.

This lack of adequate infrastructure, high agriculture costs, high production costs, and the relatively high cost of purchasing capital compounds make CBD products more expensive. In addition, research, development and the cost of acquiring qualified labor are scarce, and quality control measures add to the high prices of CBD oil.However, CBD users should beware of fake products on the market. They must perform due diligence before purchasing any of these products. From growing hemp to extracting the final CBD product, the process requires time, labor, chemicals and machinery.

Completing this process is very expensive and, since those involved in the process must make a profit, it results in CBD that is expensive for the consumer.The high price of CBD reflects the processes, equipment and legal requirements needed to produce it. Other factors such as marketing and packaging do influence prices but not as significantly as the production process. The hemp plant has genuine beneficial properties, but by exaggerating these benefits and making medical promises, overzealous CBD sellers overshadow the entire natural health movement.Hundreds of unscrupulous sellers try to pass hemp seed oil or other low-cost oils as CBD in order to raise the price. Compared to almost any other type of product, CBD products include significantly higher fees for producers and sellers.The use of CBD in alternative and conventional medicine will only increase as research on its health benefits expands, meaning that demand will continue to increase.

Having the right machinery or hiring enough workers to grow and harvest hemp manually is expensive, demonstrating why CBD is so expensive.A factor related to the perception of why CBD is so expensive has to do with consumer opinions about products and prices. Because of the lack of information circulating about the reasonable price of a CBD product, these sellers often profit by scamming consumers.Many major retail outlets such as grocery stores, drug stores and health supplement stores refuse to sell CBD products or severely limit selection. Maintaining quality control practices requires constant funding which puts pressure on the price of the CBD produced and makes it more expensive.They're also great gifts for friends and family who have shown an interest in CBD but don't know where to start. That's a big difference and just knowing it can really change your perspective on the price of CBD.Processors extract CBD and other cannabinoids from hemp using two main solutions: ethanol or supercritical carbon dioxide (CO).

Unlike THC (the psychoactive element in cannabis), CBD can't cause you to get high no matter how much you drink. For many users finding the right CBD product is a learning curve and along the way they'll run into a lot of good and bad surprises.

Tonia Kilcullen
Tonia Kilcullen

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